Man called Anus ‘forced’ to change name on Facebook

A man with the surname Anus claims he was unable to campaign politically on Facebook because his name was too rude.

Political candidate Luc Anus is standing as a council candidate in Lobbes, south Belgium, but when someone posted a photo of his election poster online, he decided he would have to change his name.

He is now listed as ‘Luc Anu’ on the social media site, with Luc telling local reporters: ‘Facebook just does not accept my name’.

Alongside a picture of his election poster, that went viral in Belgium, one person commented: ‘That’s a beautiful name for a party which fucks you from behind.’

But the 26-year-old says he is unfazed by the jokes, saying: ‘I can deal with it.’ ‘

According to data from the Belgian civil registry, there are 49 people with Anus as their last name and they all live in the French-speaking Wallonia region of the country.


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