Man changes name to Celine Dion after having far too much to drink

A 30-year-old man decided to change his name to Celine Dion after having a few too many glasses of wine.

Thomas Dodd – otherwise known as Celine – had the idea while watching one of the Canadian singer’s concerts on YouTube over Christmas.

He thought it would be a great idea to pay £89 to officially take her name, but completely forgot about it when the official Deed Poll documents landed on this doorstep on Wednesday.

Once you receive your papers you need to sign them before an independent witness and inform your relevant record holders before your name is considered changed. But Thomas has no plans to go back on his decision and hopes it might get him backstage at one of his idol’s future gigs.

But he admits he is dreading telling his bosses about his new moniker and that his mum has not seen the funny side of it. Thomas, a hospitality manager from Tamworth, Staffordshire, explained how he came up with his idea after getting sozzled while watching Celine Dion perform a show in Las Vegas on YouTube.

He said: ‘I had been planning to go and see her in Vegas but obviously couldn’t due to Covid. ‘So I’ve become a bit hooked with watching her concerts on Youtube as its the next best thing. I’m a bit obsessed with her and always have been. ‘But I don’t know why it crossed my mind to change my name to hers. I can’t really remember the night and forgot all about it the next day.

‘I remember watching the Celine Dion concert of her performing in Vegas and that is about all I can remember. I wish I knew what happened but it was a hazy night.

‘I then came home from work on Wednesday and there was a big white envelope on the floor by the door which said “do not bend”. ‘It looked quite important and it was full of all these official certificates. As soon as I read it I had to sit down in the kitchen. ‘

I was like ‘this can’t be real’ but it’s as real as it gets. I just don’t remember doing it. ‘I’m a bit of a Celine Dione superfan and obviously just thought this would be hilarious – but my mum doesn’t think so, she wasn’t best pleased. Thomas Dodd, soon to be Celine Dion, says his mum didn’t see the funny side when he told her.

The hospitality manager had to take a moment to sit down when he read through these official Deed Poll documents

‘I did tell her it could be worse and it could’ve been Boris Johnson – we’re just lucky he doesn’t have any live concerts on Youtube. ‘She finds it funny now though, as does my sister, but she nearly choked on her sandwich when I told her.

‘I’m also dreading telling work – how do I tell them they have to refer to me as Celine Dion from now on? ‘I’m a lifelong fan and I went to see her a couple of years ago but my dream is to still go out and see her in Vegas.

I think she is just amazing and has an incredible voice. Thomas can’t go and see his idol play in Vegas due to Covid so has become hooked on watching her on YouTube

‘I am hoping this comes with its perks as well and maybe I can get backstage at a concert and some first-class flights. ‘I am more upset that I haven’t inherited the voice or the bank account – but that is something I can work on.’

Thomas, who is currently working on a Covid testing site while furloughed, joked he might end up being sectioned if he was ever to get pulled over by police. ‘Mutiny’ at Heathrow as passengers ‘jump barriers’ after three-hour wait He added: ‘I have fears of being pulled over by the police and can just imagine them asking “can I take your name please?” And I’m going to have to say yes it’s Celine, surname Dion.

‘But if it gives people a laugh this year then I don’t care. I think we could all do with a laugh after the year we’ve just had.’ ‘My work know by now that I am bonkers so they should be fine with it. It’s not something I ever dreamed I would have to explain to them.’

Source: Metro.co.uk

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