Man Kills Himself After Impregnating His Own Cousin Unknowingly

According to the news on Jubilee Radio this morning, a man by the name Emmanuel happened to impregnate his own cousin without knowing.

From Emmanuel, “We were dating for a long time until I went into romance with her. Afterwards, she got pregnant, and I decided to see the family members over it. Shockingly, the lady happened to be my relative, precisely my cousin”.

Since he was shy about what he did, he refused to continue with the rest of the process, which could equally lead to the marriage between him and his cousin.

He refused to see his family members because he does not know how it will be like. Because of how the whole situation has developed, horn, he decided to visit the ancestors just to have a piece of mind.

Early this morning, his dead body was seen in his room, and after they have carried out his autopsy, it has been confirmed that he died by killing himself.

I do not see it as being appropriate for Emmanuel to kill himself over this issue. But if any reader have a perfect idea about the whole situation, then kindly leave it in the comments section.

By: Pytas-Post

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