Martha Ankomah is my crush, I would wash her underwear if she asked me to – Kwadwo Sheldon

Ghanaian YouTuber and blogger, Kwadwo Sheldon has expressed the feelings he has for Ghanaian actress, Martha Ankomah as he’s willing to wash her (Martha Ankomah) panties.

Kwadwo Sheldon in an interview with Pulse Ghana revealed.

During the interview, the YouTuber was asked about who his celebrity crush is. Kwadwo Sheldon boldly mentioned actress, Martha Ankomah as his celebrity crush.

Ghanaian actress, Martha Ankomah

This is what the Ghanaian YouTuber said about Martha Ankomah;

“Martha Ankomah, if she tells me to wash her panties, I will willingly do it. That woman, oh my God, she is beautiful, she is humble, she is spotless when it comes to controversies, beautiful,” he said.

Kwadwo Sheldon also added that, if Martha Ankomah is watching the interview, she should call him.

“Martha Ankomah, if you are watching this, call me,” Kwadwo Sheldon said.

Kwadwo Sheldon revealed more facts about him in the interview.

By: Naycha

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