McBrown must be schooled on how to control her show – OneGod

Spiritualist cum social commentator, Kofi Amoateng popularly known as OneGod has added his voice to criticism being directed at the host of UTV’s United Showbiz show, Nana Ama McBrown.

Media personality, Mona Gucci recently appeared on Nana Ama McBrown’s show along with guests like musician and social commentator, Kwame A-Plus, events from that episode triggered most of the criticism.

During discussions, Mona Gucci whiles giving an insight into her background stated she attended law school in the United States. Her statement seemed to have been met with skepticism on the part of A-Plus and the other guests.

Some critics of the show have lashed out at the host claiming she failed to control her guests and allowed them to ridicule Mona Gucci.

OneGod in an interview with Oman channel said Nana Ama McBrown lacked control of her show before going further to suggest that she needed professional training in that respect.

“You can’t compare journalism to acting and it takes a sharp person to know the difference between the two and combine it. How is it that as a host you failed to conduct a background check on your guest and then you had to ask for a phone to google about her on a live show? We don’t hate Nana Ama McBrown but whoever employed her at UTV should facilitate her education so she can learn how to put her questions, control her programme and coordinate her guest’s submissions,” he said.

According to him, both the host and her other guest did not exhibit professionalism during the show which has generated a lot of conversations within entertainment circles.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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