Mechanic used our vehicle to carry cement – Ambulance Service

The National Ambulance Service has said none of its staff was involved in using an ambulance with registration number GV-537-20 to carry cement.

In a viral video, two men are seen loading an ambulance believed to be among the fleet of vehicles belonging to the National Ambulance Service with bags of cement.

Explaining the circumstance in a statement, the Ambulance Service said the incident occurred on or around 26 March 2021 while the vehicle in question was in the custody of the suppliers – Services Ghana Autogroup Limited.

The Autogroup repairing a minor fault on the ambulance sent it to its garage but a mechanic of the garage called Nana Ofosu Gera Box specialist after the repairs drove the ambulance towards Mallam-Kasoa-Winneba road on a test drive.

According to the statement, during the test drive Nana Ofosu used the vehicle for his private purposes to convey the cement.

The ambulance service said the vehicle is still in the custody of Services Ghana Autogroup Limited and, thus, not part of its fleet.


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