Meet the ‘first’ Ghanaian child prodigy, Nii Omanya displaying his skills on TV

In a normal Ghanaian setting, a 3-year old child would be in pre-school or nursery school starting to learn the alphabets and also puts them together to form words but Nii Omanya Otoo, at age 3 knows virtually everything from English to Science to Maths and to the History of Ghana.

Born to Mr and Mrs Otoo, Nii Omanya started displaying his ‘boy wonder’ skills when he was 5-6 months old.

According to his mother, Nii Omanya would crawl to sit in front of some educative placards displayed in the house for his elder siblings.

“When he is crying and you give him a book, Nii Omanya will stop crying. He can sit behind a book for hours just to be flipping through the pages and looking at colours,” she told KSM on the KSM Show.

“If I’m left in the house alone with him and I want to do something, I just give him a book and I’ll come and meet him still by the book,” she added.

Nii Omanya mother stated that her young son got to know about colours that she didn’t know and she feels that her son is naturally gifted.

She noted that “Nobody teaches him. You can see that his mind is so fertile, ready and open to listen and learn. At his age, he is not communicating that well but whenever he opens his mouth, Nii Omanya is either spelling, reading or asking questions.”

Noticing his abilities in such an early age, Nii Omanya’s father thought his son is only literature genius so he decided to test his son’s ability in numeracy, science but Nii Omanya was quick in comprehending everything that he was taught.

“He is always in the hurry to move to the next level” his father pointed out to KSM.

He indicated that his son is a gift from God almighty and he believes he has a real purpose or there is a reason he has come at a time like this, so he is willing as a father to give his son all the help to explore all the options available to children like Nii Omanya.

After mentioning the colours of the national flag used as a pillow on the lap of his mother, KSM then asked little Omanya what it was and he said “Ghana pillow”.

KSM then asked little Omanya some questions from names of Animals to Science to Maths and then to some history of Ghana and he answered them with ease while having fun on the show.

His parents said after the celebration of Kwame Nkrumah’s birthday, Nii Omanya started calling himself ‘Dr Kwame Nkrumah Captain Planet Nii Omanya Otoo’.

Nii Omanya is a pupil of Alsyd Academy, Dzorwulu in Accra.

Watch Nii Omanya on the KSM show

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