Meet the popular gay man who is now an evangelist of God

Popular Ghanaian movie director Pascal Amanfo has revealed how a young Ghanaian man who was gay is now an Evangelist.

According to him, Aaron Akrong who lived some years of his life as gay has now changed to be a Godly person.

In a long Instagram post, Pascal Amanfo revealed how Aaron Akrong changed to become a devoted Christian.

In addition to the post, the movie director who is now a pastor uploaded series of old and new photos of Aaron Akrong.

Pascal Amanfo admitted that the transformation of Aaron Akrong is one of the very few miracles he has witnessed in his life.

“I have seen a few jaw dropping miracles in my life but none as profound as this,” he confessed.

“This young Man right here @aaronaakrong is the living, breathing, walking proof of the Mercy and Grace of God,” he added.

Pascal Amanfo used the opportunity to inspire other people who may want to seek God in the manner that Aaron did. “He is the evidence that regardless of who you are, where you are, or what you have done, the loving arms of God’s grace can find you,” Pascal inspired.

In addition, Pascal Amanfo disclosed that Aaron Akrong got delivered under the ministry of his friend and actor Timothy Bentum.

In an earlier post on Timothy Bentum’s Instagram page, the preacher and actor expressed his joy in helping Aaron become a changed person.

Timothy posted old and new photos of Aaron and in the post, he revealed that Aaron had been a gay for 20 years.

He disclosed that it was through God’s effort and his ministry that Aaron is now an Evangelist spreading the word of God.

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