Melania tours Cape Coast Castle

First Lady of the United States of America, Melania Trump, on Wednesday, 3 October 2018 toured the Cape Coast castle, a former slave fort, on the second day of her solo trip to Ghana.

Cape Coast Castle is one of about forty “slave castles” built on the Gold Coast of West Africa (now Ghana) by European traders.

It was originally built by the Swedes for trade in timber and gold, but later used in the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

The castle was used to hold slaves under degrading and inhumane conditions before they were loaded onto ships and sold in the Americas, especially the Caribbean.

This “gate of no return” was the last stop before crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

Former US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama in 2009 on a visit to Ghana also visited the castle.

A tour guide told Mrs Trump the story of the castle and how the slaves were treated and traded off.

Mrs Trump is in Ghana for a two-day visit.

The trip organised by USAID, is part of Mrs Trump’s ‘Be Best’ campaign, which aims to improve child welfare, especially when it comes to online behaviour and addiction to opioids.

She would also visit Kenya, Malawi and Egypt.


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