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Menzgold: Customers read meanings into George Quaye’s resignation

The Public Relations Officer of Menzgold Ghana Limited, George Quaye stepped down amid back and forth with Bank of Ghana and Securities and Exchange Commission, Ghana (SEC), reports.

He stepped down after working with the embattled gold dealership firm for less than a month after his appointment. hinted Ghanaians on George’s resignation weeks ago but the professional PRO signed subsequent press releases of the company to debunk the report.

Customers of Menzgold have started asking questions since the news of the PRO’s hit the media.

According to some customers, Menzgold is currently one of the ideal places everyone would want to work considering the huge amounts the CEO Nana Appiah Mensah (NAM1) is noted for paying his employees, especially famous ones.

Unlike other companies, NAM1 usually pay huge amounts to get these famous guys to work for him and people are asking what could have influenced George’s decision to leave the firm.

News about the firm’s inability to pay promised dividends raise concerns on the financial status of the company as gathers that some employees of its sister company Brew Marketing are yet to receive their salaries.

The report said that the former PRO of Charterhouse Ghana Limited has now been appointed as the PRO of IMAGE BUREAU. Customers are asking if Nana Appiah Mensah is broke to pay salaries that George has to accept an offer elsewhere?

Others are also asking if the company is closing temporarily or permanently and as such would not need the services of some employees since its attention would now be directed to the suit against BoG and SEC.

The former PRO of Charterhouse Ghana Limited – the organisers of the annual Ghana Music Awards – was appointed a few weeks ago by Nana Appiah Mensah, the CEO of Menzgold, to steer its communication affairs.

But his appointment was met with conflict with the Bank of Ghana and SEC which resulted in the firm’s alleged collapse.

George’s resignation is raising much questions and some investors of the firm are worried and wish to know what might have influenced the decision.

Is he tired of ‘defending’ the company? Is he tired of ‘lying’? Is he being pressured by customers? Is there something he is running from? These are some of the questions sighted by so far.

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