Merry Christmas Akatamansonians!!!


On behalf of the National Executive Committee, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

As we observe and celebrate the birth of Christ, let us be reminded of the common bond that binds us together as members of the NDCUSA, who seek to facilitate improved well-being, better lives, progress and prosperity of the people of Ghana. Let’s let the reason for the season be a guiding principle for us all.

We have begun to lay a solid foundation for an effective mobilization of resources in the US intended to aid our mother party. We urge and encourage every one of us to get involved and contribute they quota in our quest to make the NDCUSA viable again and for the overall success of the NDC.

In the coming 2020 general elections, we in the diaspora will be faced with ROPAA, which calls for mobilization of all to engage in an effective registration of all qualified Ghanaians to fully participate and exercise their franchise.

That means we will have to also engage in a very aggressive fundraising to support this and other programs so that our party can regain power in 2020. We have therefore put together various committees to help organize effectively.

Measures are also in progress to put other committees in place to totally reorganize the USA Chapter.

To the many of you who have called to volunteer your services to our party, we say a big thank you and to those who have already accepted to work on these committees, we also say ayayekooo.

For those of you who have already begun to work on some of the committees, we say bravo!

NDCUSA is a team and therefore our aims and objectives can only be achieved through collective efforts of all of us, so no sitting on the fence, get involved in any way you can for, in this administration, there is room for everyone to play a role in the total success of our party.

Once again, Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

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