Michael Bediako’s Wealth: What is he doing that we don’t know?

Michael Bediako’s show of affluence in recent times has left many wondering, especially people who knew him before his engagement as a PA, and his unaccounted overnight wealth acquisition within this short and limited time frame, as a mere PA.

The sudden transformation in his life from 2016, when he returned from the Netherlands has left a lot of questions unanswered in the minds of many.

Michael now owns two 1D1F factories in Apau and Akropong (Akro Farms and Shoe Fabriek) where his brother and wife are alleged to be the main shareholders and has also used his position to direct financial backings to his personal benefits at the expense of others who have been in the queue waiting for financial support.

There are reports that he was able to secure a contract to produce 40,000 pairs of boots even before the factory started operating. How they were able to access their capabilities to win that contract is yet to be ascertained.

He has also within this space established a TV and radio station in Akropong, coupled with other investments outside the Akuapem North municipality. It must be noted that all these factories are being managed by the same management members.

Coupled with the above, the PA has also acquired highly expensive properties and mansions both within and outside the country. The addresses of these properties will be made public in the coming days.

The report also suggests that plans are far advanced for him to allegedly exhume the already buried remains of his late father from the old Akropong Cemetry to a more expensive whole expensive edifice in the old cemetery to rebury his father. This, according to many, demonstrates how much wealth the young man has acquired within a short time.

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During the recently held Odwira festival, reports gathered from Akropong had it that, Michael held 4 days of non-stop superfluous naming ceremony party for his daughter from Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday amidst pomp and pageantry.

A lot are wondering how a ‘common’ PA to a minister can acquire all this wealth within a space of 4 years, considering his salary as a PA.

Preliminary investigations brought to bear his dubious activities that did not match his income and the sudden show of affluence of wealth and properties. With this information, the prosecution should follow. A mere sack is not punitive enough if we are speaking of protecting the public purse.


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