Miners warn colleagues against flouting government directives

Small Scale Miners in the Amansie West district of the Ashanti region have vowed to expose any recalcitrant miner who goes against the government’s new directives on illegal mining activities in the country.

The miners say they will do everything humanly possible to ensure compliance with the directive by all members.

The miners also have plans to inaugurate a task force to assist security agencies to crack down on illegal mining activities as directed by the President.

Leader of the group, Daniel Kwaku Mensah stated that they will abide by the directives and provide the maximum support.

“We will meet again and set up task force to deal indiscipline miners. Even right now, we will make sure those who go against the directive will be dealt with.”

Mr. Mensah also said the task of the security agencies to implement the directive must not be compromised as many have been accused of recently.

“One of the challenges is the work of the government’s task force. Some of come and claim government has sent them to embark on operation.

“We don’t even know where they come from. They are tarnishing the image of the government.”

Otumfour Mmentiahene Nana Tweneboah Kodua, also pledged his commitment and unwavering support for government.

According to him, the chiefs in the region are willing to make sure lands given to small scale miners are totally reclaimed for future use.

“As chiefs, we will also ensure government succeeds in this business. If the government permits someone to mine in our jurisdictions, we will monitor and make sure they conduct themselves well. We will not give lands to people will destroy them,” Otumfour Mmentiahene Nana Tweneboah Kodua said.


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