Mixed reactions greet Yaw Tog’s comment on making Stormzy ‘more popular’ in Ghana

Music lovers in Ghana have taken to social media to express their views after rapper Yaw Tog in an interview said he made UK rapper, Stormzy more popular in the Ghanaian market.

During the interview, the ‘Young Bull’ stated that the UK-based Ghanaian also made him more popular after collaborating to create the remix for the hit song, ‘Sore’.

However, some Ghanaians who disagreed with him said Sormzy was popular in his own right before the Yaw Tog collaboration.

Some called for an apology stating that the Kumerican drill artiste now sees himself as a big figure in the industry while others claimed he had bad communication skills.

But, others believe the young artiste did not say anything wrong. The believe the remix of ‘Sore’ did give both Stormzy and Yaw Tog some popularity in their respective jurisdictions.

It’ll be highly nonsensical for @YAWTOG_ to ever be inferior to his connect with stormzy and the popularity that comes aftermath regarding the genre He’s oriented to. Dude knows how to grab the attention for this game. Forget your emotional sentiment this dude is youngbull af!


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