Most Ghanaian men are jobless – Ellen Mensah

Ghanaian actress, Ellen Mensah, has dropped a bombshell against Ghanaian men.

According to her, she is not interested in dating Ghanaian men because most of them are jobless.

She also added that because they are jobless they like wasting ladies time.

The budding actress further revealed that she is now into white men only.

Ellen stressed that, it is not all white who qualify but very rich ones because poor men can’t approach her.

She made this known when she appeared on the Delay Show hosted by Deloris Frimpong Manso.

YEN.com.gh had previously reported how Ellen has admitted paying huge sum of money to get the fair skin she has now.

According to the actress, she had to take injection which cost about 2000 pounds to bleach her skin.

In an interview, she revealed how she got such light skin even though she was dark skin.


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