Mothers’ Day: Rama Brew and Michelle Attoh share facts about motherhood

Celebrated actress Rama Brew has urged her stunning daughter Michelle Attoh to be herself and not mimic her as she has her own unique style.

Sharing a mother and daughter moment on Today’s Woman Show on TV3 on Sunday, the veteran actress Rama Brew shared her experiences as a mother.

“It’s a lot of work being a mum. Being a mother and nurse, teacher, clerk, teller etc is not an easy task, but it’s a worthwhile experience,” she remarked.

Recounting how she had to pull the brakes on her acting career to take up parenting role of her daughter, Michelle Attoh, she said, “You wouldn’t go to anyone while I was on set at GBC”.

“I had to leave you with my mother, but I had a call from her one day and I heard you crying loudly in the background. So, my mum told me to come home right that moment. When I got there, she told me to choose between parenting and my career. You can take off with your acting career anytime you are ready,” she added.

Though at that point in time, the star actress of popular TV series ‘Ultimate Paradise’ Rama Brew had to put her acting career on hold, she reiterated it on the show that she loved doing it.

Rama Brew seized the moment to encouraged young mothers to take an easy ride in their parenting journey.

“It will get easy as you go along. Breath, just enjoy the ride and take one day at a time. Listen to your elders. They have a pool of wisdom to tap into. So please take it easy as it is the present that is important. Believe me, it gets easier as you go along. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day,” she averred.

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