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Multi-party system too expensive for Ghana – JOY

Jacob Osei Yeboah, politician and business man has condemned the multi-party system in Ghana terming it as an expensive system for a modest country.

Contributing to discussions on governance of the country on TV Africa’s “Ghana Tonight” show, on Tuesday, he said, the multi-party system is the bane of the development of the country.

The former Independent presidential candidate who is popularly referred to as JOY added that left to Nana Akufo-Addo, alone, many of his proposed policies would change the fortunes of the citizenry, but the other appointees could be gravitating to different areas, mostly because they are politically motivated.

Their mistakes tend to thwart the progress of the president and inadvertently costs the country as a whole, he added.

He maintained that if a country is run in the absence of politics, policies are tackled with the end view of developing the country as a whole instead of playing on people’s emotions to stay in power and pushing money in for campaign purposes.

He however lauded the Akufo-Addo government on the National Identification Authority’s move to create a national card for Ghanaians.

“The point for this new card is to ensure proper monitoring of identification of individuals. This is the kind of system countries like Germany uses to track recalcitrant persons even if they bolt. The only challenge is that if proper address system is not put in place the entire system would not be efficient.

“This is because, if the person on a particular card has wrong residential information. You cannot track them when the need arises. For me, that is the real challenge with the Ghana Card,” Mr Osei Yeboah stressed.

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