Muntaka wants every ballot cast audited if … –

National Democratic Congress’ parliamentary candidate for Asawase Constituency, Muntaka Mohammed-Mubarak says his party will insist that every ballot paper cast in his constituency be audited should there be a single incident of over-voting.

According to him, some nefarious elements from the New Patriotic Party (NPP) have been caught meddling in the electoral process in the area.

Speaking to the media, Muntaka Mubarak vehemently condemned those acts and called on his opposing side to desist from any malicious activities.

He said, “should we start counting, and there is even a single over voting, we’ll insist that every ballot paper be audited. Because the polling station has its serial number; you know during counting, everybody is in a hurry to get the counts done.

“If there is one over voting, we will insist that every single sheet be doubly cross checked, its serial number and everything before it can be counted.”

He stated that these tactics being employed by the NPP to steal the election is only proof of the party’s desperation to secure a win.

“We can see their frustration, we can see the desperation, and you can see the number of pickups that are moving around in Asawase alone. I have seen them move around in Asawase with more than 20 pickups with heavily built young men. What for? I challenge anybody to tell me whether he has seen one single pick up by NDC thugs going round,” he said.

Muntaka Mubarak advised residents of Asawase to maintain the peace as the elections draw to a close.

“We want this election to be peaceful, so we’ve done everything to make sure that this is peaceful. We don’t see same from our compatriots the NPP we are pleading with them. So far Asawase has been calm we’ve been able to go through all this let’s finish it hard. Let the will of the people prevail.”

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