Muntaka’s apology an attempt to ‘shield’ the Supreme Court – Prof Nsoh

Former Upper East Regional Minister Prof. Avea Nsoh has indicated that the apology by Member of Parliament for Asawase Muntaka Mohammed is not enough to let the allegations made rest.

Muntaka Mohammed had earlier alleged that a Supreme Court Judge called one of the NDC MPs to lobby her to vote for Mike Ocquaye during the election to elect the Speaker of Parliament.

But he has subsequently apologized for the allegations and has asked that “sleeping dogs lie”.

But reacting to this, Prof. Avea Nsoh indicated that the content and linguistic makeup of the content of his letter of apology does not sit well with the NDC.

To him, he just wants to protect the Supreme Court’s image adding that if it’s anything to go by then the NDC should forget about getting justice at the Supreme Court.

“His expression alone let sleeping dogs lie tells that what he is saying is that he is just covering up things. He doesn’t want to bring something that will disturb the Supreme Court and the elements appear to be silent. Now, if his apology is something to go by then let us forgets about the election petition.”

Prof. Avea Nsoh added “Now that there seems to be a hang Parliament; what happens? It means that the appointment committee is just going to allow, reflect and consider the appointed ministers to go through the vetting easily without proper introspection on them”.


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