Music changed my life – Wizkid

Nigerian artiste Wizkid says he would have ended up on the streets if he had not taken up music as a profession.

In an interview with Naomi Campbell, the Joro singer said because he is not from an affluent home his life would have taken a different turn.

The celebrated singer said he believes music completely changed his and his family’s life.

“I am not from a rich family and I wasn’t raised with a silver spoon so I feel I was blessed so I can be a blessing to my family and to those around me.”

“I believe if I wasn’t making music I would have been on the streets hustling like every other kid,” Wizkid told Naomi.

When Naomi questioned why he always walks around with money, he explained that giving was something he loved to do, seeing as music had turned his life around.

He added that he is grateful to be given the opportunities he has now to help others.

“…so now that I’m here, every kid that I see, it’s like I see you in me and I’m your biggest fan. I support you and I want you to be successful… because I know how hard it to, especially here, to make music.”


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