My dossier on Anas is from his disgruntled staff – Ken Agyapong

Anas Aremeyaw Anas never thought that videos of him disguising himself and working undercover will ever come out, but now we have it and we are going to show it as part of the “Who watches the watchman” video, Mr Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, the Member of Parliament for Assin Central, who is on a crusade to unmask the ace investigative journalist has said.

“His cup is full, he [Anas] never thought that this evidence will come out, now it is out. We have the videos,” Mr Agyapong said.

He said the video evidence, which portrays how Anas conceals evidence against some people and embarks on “selective justice” will vindicate his [Agyapong] campaign against the undercover journalists that he was not a “saint,” when the public sees it.

Speaking on Oman FM’s, Boiling Point political talk programme Tuesday night, Mr Agyapong hinted that his source of information and dossier on the investigative journalist, was from a disgruntled co-worker of Anas who feels cheated.

When he was asked by Gordon Asare Bediako, who works with Anas at the New Crusading Guide newspaper and was appearing on the Boiling Point programme as a studio panelist, who was behind Mr Agyapong’s videos, the maverick MP only smiled and said that will be revealed at the appropriate time.

In a mocking response, he insisted he was going to torment Anas and that if he says he is “Tiger Eye”, someone else will also “show” him.

Sounding prophetic, however, Mr Agyapong said it was a lesson for everybody not to cheat in business dealings and that Anas’ “troubles” with the dossier landing in his [Agyapong] hands was, as a result, a disgruntled co-worker who feels cheated.

To him, Anas never suspected that such a dossier about him could be used against him one day.

In whipping up public interest about his video, “Who watches the watchman” which he intends premiering on Wednesday, the maverick lawmaker reiterated that he was on this whole campaign because he thinks Anas was not a saint.

“Get it straight, he [Anas] says it with his own mouth [when he appears before people undercover], this is a gift and later edits them just to show people receiving money. It is a complete enticement and entrapment, that is what I am saying, you will see in the video – Who watches the watchman,” he said.

“I have heard that even the dollars he gave Felix Nyankopon was fake,” Mr Agyapong alleged.

Mr Agyapong has vowed to unmask Anas and show the property he [Anas] has acquired, which Mr Agyapong thinks was acquired through “dubious” means and not under genuine circumstances. He alleged blackmail as a means through which the ace journalist has acquired the said properties.

He has promised to premiere the “Who watches the watchman” video on Wednesday, June 27 at the forecourt of Oman FM, at Madina in Accra.

The video, which he says is his own version of secret recordings of how ace investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, operates undercover, will be shown at 8pm.

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