“My father is my Everything” Lady shares romantic pictures with her father

A young lady took to her Instagram account to share the kind of relationship she has with her father.

 She went ahead to share pictures of herself with her father. She captioned them, “You will not understand the kind of relationship I have with my father.”

 Analysing the pictures she shared, it’s obvious that this lady might be in a relationship with her father. Those pictures she shared on her Instagram account are not encouraging. You can see this young girl almost exchanging kisses with her father. People

on social media questioned the kind of relationship this lady has with her father. Could it be that this lady is in a romantic relationship with her father? 

Is it a normal thing to be in a romantic relationship with your own father? If this girl was your daughter, would she behave like this before you? Is it proper for a father and a daughter to be in a relationship and exchange kisses? Could it be a father’s love for her daughter?

By: Mainooco

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