My father slapped me for choosing sound engineering – Kaywa

Celebrating fathers on this golden day. One will like to find out if our father’s are supportive of the careers we chose as individuals.

On the 3fm Drive with Giovani Caleb Renowned Sound Engineer David Kwadwo Kyei , popularly known as Kaywa shares a sad story of receiving a slap from his father for telling him , he wants to be a sound engineer.

Rendering a full account of what happen in an interview monitored by the news desk of 360hypegh.com , the highly spiritual record’s boss said , one day his dad called him and asked him whom he will want to become in future , happily he said a Sound Engineer.

His dad he said went silent , stood and watched him without saying anything , he then went behind him and all he felt was a big slap landing in his face. “I know of mechanical engineering and others but where from this sound engineering thing after all the school you have attended” his dad furious lamented.

Truth be told my dad hasn’t been in support of my career , my mum is the only one who still thinks about my career and till date she checks on me and all the artists on my label.

My mum vacated her provision shop and gave the space for me to start with , bought lights for me when ever my light goes off.

As for my dad , he will always come to me talking about me disturbing his peaceful sleep with my beat production.

However my dad after hearing my song on BBC embraced the fact that I have been able to achieve my dream.

 Stephen Nana Asare

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