My husband and I got married within 35 days of my visit in Ghana – Canadian fraud victim

Everything happened so fast, she explained. It wasn’t her desire to ‘get laid’ as many perceive of mature white ladies, it wasn’t desperatation for love either, according to her.

It was just an assumption that she had found her soul mate, someone she could love, support to pursue his dreams and he likewise.

It didn’t matter how long or rather short the period of their meeting was, for Marjorie Newell, she was in love with a man who appeared to think like her, respected her and was a gentleman.

So 35 days it was, after some months of online dating.

Little did this Canadian woman, know that she was totally oblivious of what she was getting into.

“I thought that I will come down here and make sure that it was real and legitimate and I spent 35 days. I came in September 2017 and I left in October and I stayed with him and it was wonderful. He was quite a gentleman, he entertained me, I met some of his friends, we had a lot of fun and we married”.

“At my age, you seem to know what you want and I really cared about this gentleman. He seemed sincere, said he was a music producer, I wanted to help him pursue his dreams and he seemed very respectful of me and what I wanted to do,” she explained during an exclusive interview with Ghanaweb’s Laud Adu Asare on the Say It Loud show.

It all came back to her, hitting her from all sides; the actual reality that she had married a phony of a husband.

Months into the marriage, his real personality was unveiled and she was trapped.
She was beaten and slapped during sex, chased around the house and beaten, extorted, defrauded, and left to ‘die’.


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