My only problem with Kwesi Arthur is his hairstyle – Father

Father of award-winning rapper Kwesi Arthur has revealed his only disagreement with his son is his hairstyle.

Emmanuel Kwesi Danso Arthur in a conversation with JoyNews’ MzGee, noted that Kwesi Arthur’s look is gentlemanly but insists his hairstyle is “the only thing he doesn’t like about him.”

Though the musician currently wears well-trimmed dreadlocks, his father argues, the look does not sit well with the standards dictated by his Pentecostal faith.

“By God’s grace with the background that he is from I’ve seen Kwesi to be exceptional, you know the hip hop and hip life artistes with a lot of tattoos, with earrings and the only funny thing with Kwesi that I now have a challenge with is the hairstyle but apart from that you can see Kwesi as a unique gentleman,” he said.


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