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‘My sister is still alive’

The older sister of one of the three Takoradi missing girls, Ruthlove Quayson has rubbished claims that her sibling’s body part is part of the ones exhumed by the police in an operation on Friday night.

She told Joy News’ Kojo Yankson her family and the other two are holding to previous police information that her sister and the other two girls are alive.

“They (the police) told us that the girls are alive. After the last investigations, they told us the girls are in Nigeria so it cannot be possible that the remains that have been dug up are theirs.

“We don’t believe that,” she stressed.

Police have confirmed retrieving human remains following a search at a property previously occupied by the key suspect in the kidnapping of the girls.

With the aid of sniffer dogs, police say they were able to retrieve skulls Friday night from a septic tank at Kasaworodo a suburb of Takoradi.

While tests have yet to be conducted to confirm who the remains belong to, some Ghanaians have concluded they belong to the three girls – Ruthlove Quayson, Priscilla Blessing Bentum and Priscilla Koranchie.

They were kidnapped between August and December 2018.

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