My wife sleeps with different pastors – Husband tells court

Chief Ademola Odunade, President of a Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan, on Wednesday dissolved a two year-old marriage between one Raphael Olufemi-Abdullah and Tina over childlessness, adulterous lifestyle and stealing.

The petitioner, Raphael, a civil servant and a resident of No. 4 Oseni Street, Elere-Apata in Ibadan, said that his wife’s adulterous lifestyle was the bane of her infertility.

NAN reported him as saying, “My greatest regret in life is the decision I made marrying Tina as a wife because neither is she productive nor trustworthy.

“After our lavishly celebrated wedding in February 2017, I did everything humanly possible to ensure that Tina conceives, but it was all futile.

“In the hospital, I was specifically told that Tina had aborted pregnancies and that in fact, some sexual infections were preventing her from being productive.

“My Lord, I have spent over N2 million on tackling Tina’s infertility without any result.

“Worst still, Tina never stopped sleeping with various shapes of men around.

“Most of the time, she goes to church for prayers, but pastors in her church end up sleeping with her.

“Sometimes, she leaves home in the evening and never return until the following evening, fornicating about.

“Tina has started stealing some of my things anytime I am away in Abeokuta, where my office is.

“After our first appearance here in February, I travelled to Abuja on official capacity, Tina broke into my shelf and stole my essential documents such as academic credentials, employment documents and promotional documents.

“Other documents Tina stole are:Three international passports, building documents such as Certificate of Occupancy (C of O), building plan and land agreement, among others.

“I have reported her at a police station,” Raphael explained.

In the testimony she made on her first appearance on February 12, the respondent opposed the suit even though she could not deny most of the allegations levelled against her.

However, Tina was conspicuously absent when she was called to give more evidence to support the reason why she did not want the marriage to be dissolved.

The court’s bailiff however informed the arbitrator that the respondent was duly served with hearing notice last week.

Ruling, Odunade said that the court had no other option than to dissolve the union because love, which suppose to be a major ingredient in a marriage, was absent.

“The two year-old union between Raphael and Tina has ceased to be in the interest of peaceful living.

“A copy of this judgment is to be served on Tina, so that she could be aware of the court’s decision.

“Tina shall return all the stolen documents to Raphael,” he said.

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