MzVee still with Lynx but … – Richie

Richie Mensah, CEO of Lynx Entertainment has assured music enthusiasts and industry critics that singer MzVee is still with the label.

With a barrage of rumours trailing the label that the singer has exited, the renowned music producer says the singer is still a Lynx Entertainment signee.

Calming the hot storm that MzVee’s absence from active music has created, Richie told her fans that all was well at the label.

He told George Quaye and his pack of interrogators – Sadiq Abdulai Abu and Ola Michael – on Showbiz A-Z on Joy FM on Saturday that “MzVee is where she is supposed to be.”

Richie explained, “As much as celebrities, musicians, actors and everybody have offered up their lives for the public, sometimes we need to respect when somebody wants, for any particular reason, wants to take a step back.”

Turning to the substantive issue, the Lynx Entertainment CEO cleared the air that, “The reason we’ve not heard from MzVee it’s a personal reason for her and this is not something that Lynx will ever come out and communicate, it’s not something that she will communicate unless she is ready to communicate that.”

“But to answer all the rumours, ‘is MzVee pregnant? No, she is not’, ‘Is MzVee still with Lynx Entertainment? Yes, she is’, ‘Why has MzVee been quiet? That one, it’s personal’,” he stressed

He, however, could not state if she has lost interest in doing music as being speculated.

“I can’t say she’s not shown disinterest in [doing] music because where she is right now, she is not in the space to be performing music professionally.”

For months now, there have been rumours that MzVee was pregnant and has subsequently quit music.

As the rumours began to grow, the singer in December last year denied rumours that she was pregnant and was getting married soon.

She explained that, while 2018 had been challenging, there was no truth in the rumours making the rounds.


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