Nana Addo Do Something – No Justice No Vote

We live in a country where  people who commit heinous crimes enjoy their lives with impunity.  When some of these hardened criminals are caught, the legal proceedings  against such people diminish month by month and year by year. Subsequently, some of these cases are left to rot in files.

The murdered J. B. Dankwa Adu, who was an MP for Abuakwa North Constituency, was one of our own. Armed Suale, the journalist, who was allegedly shot dead was one of our own. The Takoradi School girls who got missing and were later found dead through the forensic examination of some dead remains, were also our own people.

A number of other fellow country men and women are alleged to have been murdered but the perpetrators are no where to be found. When they are caught, justice is impeded. People live in fear. Many people are not allowed to enjoy their right to life as enshrined by the United Nations Protocols.

What is becoming a new normal in Ghana has to change. ‘Name, shame and no punishment’ trend has to be reversed.  The thieves who steal petty items like coconut, cassava, plantain, and goats must not go to jail while murderers enjoy good life in detention cells. 

People have lost confidence in our judiciary but our confidence needs to be restored. The distiguish work of the Ghana Police must be rewarded in court with justice. The Police carry out their duties with professionalism but the Ghana circuit courts who are only interested in imprisoning the poor thieves, use lackadaisical approach to treat cases that are of national interest.

We therefore request our president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, to demand justice for the the murdered J.B. Dankwa Adu, Armed Suale and the Takoradi School girls before Ghanaians go to the polls in December 2020.

By Charles Addai, Finland

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