Nana Agradaa’s station, 45 others shut down

Nana Agradaa has reportedly been arrested and subsequently granted bail after NCA’s investigation into her media operations revealed that her outfit had no license to operate.

Thunder TV which is owned by the popular ritualist Nana Agradaa is one of many other mushroom stations operating without a license.

The move by the National Communication Authority, NCA, has become necessary after two teenagers killed a 10-year-old boy in Kasoa, with the intent of using him for money rituals.

The two had indicated that they were influenced to commit the heinous crime after a ritualist on TV promised them riches if they brought a human sacrifice.

The incident that has caused public uproar has also sparked endless debate on whether media platforms have to be regulated to sanitize the broadcasting space or not.

Stakeholder consultations by actors in the broadcast, journalism and communication agencies are ongoing as they are engaged in serious deliberations on the matter.

The Fetish priestess who directed the teenagers to kill the deceased has since been arrested, pending prosecution.

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