Nana Akua Addo responds to Aisha Modi with Daddy Lumba’s ‘Mensei Da’

After series of insults and accusations directed at her, one may have thought that Nana Akua Addo will hit back at Aisha Modi but instead, the fashion icon seems unperturbed.

Nana Akua slipped and fell into Aisha Modi’s trap as the music investor is accusing her of making defamatory comments against her with respect to her management of Kenyan singer Victoria Kimani.

In an audio which has gone viral on social media, Aisha established claims that the fashionista sent a message to Victoria Kimani’s inbox asking why she chose to work with someone as ‘uncultured’ as her.

“Am I your classmate or agemate? I won’t tolerate anybody’s stupidity any longer. Your fake buttocks, when I lay my hands on you, I will rip off the fake silicon. You are very stupid. I know you very well and I know how you started. It is high time for you to stop the foolishness. You don’t take me like a sister and snitch on me. Kimani took me as her manager and you go into her inbox to tell her that I’m not good enough to be her manager. Why would you do that? You call me your friend but you could stab me in the back? Really,”

But Nana Akua Addo who prefers her peace to ‘unnecessary’ social media beef was captured cruising in her car and jamming to Daddy Lumba’s Mensei Da’.

With a teasing smile, she stressed on the part of the song which said ‘wu su kraa na me y3 no more’ which means, “your complains won’t deter me”

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