National Security Ministry is an excellent idea- Kan Dapaah

National Security Minister-designate, Albert Kan Dapaah says, the mindset behind the creation of the ministry was to ensure transparency and accountability to the public.

He indicated that, elevating it from the National Security Coordinator to the status of a Ministry has made it more authoritative and accountable to the people of the country

President Nana Akufo-Addo in 2017 upon assumption of office created the National Secretary Ministry with Mr. Kan Dapaa as the minister who has been retained and undergoing vetting in Parliament.

Commenting on the functions of the ministry so far, the national security minister, noted that, “it has been worthwhile creating the ministry of national security”

On the recent invasion of military in the chamber of parliament he said ““…It is a strange thing when you have a military team invade the parliamentary chamber. For whatever reason when I saw it, I was also alarmed and my colleagues in government were alarmed that it had happened. So, I did take the trouble to find out how it happened. It was that simple, somebody, a commander in his opinion thought that things were getting out of hand in the chamber and that he needed to go there to try to restore order,” he revealed

… So, I asked why? And what was his motivation for going there? I can only say this is something that shouldn’t have happened but no hard was caused to any member of parliament and let me agree with you that going forward this is not something we should encourage and hope that it doesn’t happen again.” He added.

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