National Security should’ve punished operatives instead of referring them to parent institutions – Kwesi Aning

Director of the Faculty of Academic Affairs at the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre (KAIPTC), believes the National Security Ministry should have punished its officers involved in the alleged assault of Citi FM journalist, Caleb Kudah.

Prof Emmanuel Kwesi Aning is of the view that referring them to their mother organisations is not the way to go.

“If the three police officers and Colonel Agyeman have flouted the law then I don’t think they should be sent to their parent institution. The nature of the structure, what they now call apparatus, if the apparatus of National Security draws on different institutions and their personnel for them to act, then when they flout the rules of Ghana then they must be punished under that act,” he told JoyNews on Friday.

The National Security Ministry says it has reversed the secondment of Col. Frank Agyeman as Director of Operations at the Ministry.

According to a statement signed by National Security Minister, Col Frank Agyeman who was on secondment from the Ghana Armed Forces is to report to the Chief of Defence Staff for further investigation.

“The secondment of Lieutenant Colonel Frank Agyeman (Director of Operations) at the Ministry has been reversed. The officer is to report to the Chief of Defence Staff for further investigation and appropriate action”.

The operatives were accused by Caleb Kudah, a journalist with Citi FM of kicking him whilst kneeling. The journalist was accosted by National Security personnel and manhandled for filming at the secretariat’s ‘restricted area’.

The National Security’s investigation committee concluded that the conduct of Col Frank Agyeman and some police officers were inappropriate and contravened the National Security Ministry’s standard operating procedure.

Three police officers who were also involved in the alleged assault have also been withdrawn from the Ministry and directed to report to the Ghana Police Service for further investigation and disciplinary action.

The Ministry says it continues to investigate all complaints against personnel of its agencies.

Speaking on JoyNews‘ News Desk, Prof Kwesi Anning said the operatives could have been punished by the National Security Ministry.

The security analyst indicated that “by sending them to their parent, we are not too sure of what type of punishment would be meted out to them.”

Prof Aning also said the statement announcing the withdrawal of the personnel must have informed the public of the Standard of operation for national security operatives.


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