NDC Ayawaso candidate threatens businesswoman with land guards over land

National Democratic Congress (NDC) candidate for the Ayawaso West Wuogon By Elections (January 31) Delali Kwasi Brempong has allegedly besieged a boutique belonging to Florence Markuviah, a businesswoman with armed land guards at East Legon, near UPSA.

Indications were that the NDC Ayawaso West candidate, who was accused of keeping firearms in his house during the By Elections has been harassing the businesswoman, (The legitimate owner of the land) for sometime over the land occupied by the boutique.

Checks from the Lands Commission indicate that the parcel of land in question belongs to Madam Florence and not Delali.

However, Delali has employed foul means to claim ownership of the land which is close to his (Delali).

It has also emerged that sellers of the land (Norglo family and a chief) made it clear to the two parties regarding demarcations of their respective boundaries which they agreed to.

Further probe into the matter indicates that Ghana Police Service has invited Brempong three times but the latter has failed to show up.

Florence said “We were renting the facility until my husband Mark Washington and I bought the land outright and did all the necessary documentation to secure it. Ironically, ‘ Sheikh’ (Ernest K Boateng) who claims to be Delali’s body guard came to my boutique few days ago with a gun on the land issue; thankfully, the CCTV camera captured him with the weapon.

“The other day, they were here with armed land guards resulting in the injury of one of my workers.

“Delali hired land guards to destroy my pillars and other construction works on the land without any course. Since then, he has been terrorizing me with land guards although I have a land title certificate covering the land.”

She added “Thirteen years ago, I rented 0.8 acre at East Legon from Norglo and put up two stores on a portion of it. After the death of Norglo, the children sold the land to me. I conducted a search at the Lands Commission and realized that it was not affected by any transaction.

“The children took me to the chief who told me the land does not belong to Norglo and so he resold it to me with documents. Now Delali is telling us to buy our own land for $350,000, can you imagine?”

A Land Commission (Land Registration Division) search document summed the matter up thus “Reference you application for a search on the subject parcel of land. Copy of site plan attached for ease reference.

“We wish to inform you that the parcel of land is affected by Land Certificate No GA 56130 issued to Florence Markuviah.”

Attempts to reach him on phone proved unsuccessful.

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