NDC Delegate Conference: An election of propaganda team

I crave to commend the NDC for their hard work to elect new propaganda machinery to disturb the peace of our nation Ghana. One would have thought that the party had learnt lessons and awaken from their slumber but still their sleep seems more important to them than the developmental growth of Ghana.

At least the voting pattern of the party has delineated in evidence that we are not going to see anything new from the NDC.It’s sad they did not take cognisance to the advice of their founder ,a former “coup leader” and President ,Jerry John Rawlings, “`”LISTEN TO YOURSELVES”“`

This shows sonorously, Mahama will still lead them and not win power again because his own party folks has made hardworking citizens of Ghana savvy that he is nothing but an “Empty incompetent man” hungry to siphon the money of the citizens again come 2020.

The shameful demeanor and mark of incompetence happened yesterday when they could not even strategize to organize a good election to manage the interest of their delegates yet they are telling Ghanaians tales that they are our best bet for the safe development of the nation when they failed to manage just 9000 delegates. The NDC we know will blame the EC and Rawlings.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up with a dwindling vote of 42.5% 2020.

As a citizen and not spectator, I know NDC can’t win election 2020 ,the signs are clear .The outrageous blander is the National chairman elect ,who was put in charge of their election committee 2016 but was dazzled into opposition amidst when NPP had internal issues then.

NDC has raped Ghana enough to be given mandate again,they should repent from their propaganda sins and help Nana Addo to develop Ghana.

They should show their unflinching support for the policies rolled out by Nana Addo and his team. (NABCO,Planting for food and Jobs, the Free SHS and other social interventions)

I humbly entreat Ghanaians to embrace the hardworking team of Nana Addo and commit themselves to help for store peace and the socio-economic development of Ghana.

Daniel Yaw Geraldo
(Subin Communication Secretary🇳🇱 of NPP)

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