NDC has lost its identity: Rawlings

Jerry John Rawlings, Founder of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has lamented over what he describes as a loss of identity for his party.

According to the Former President, information about the party’s history has been distorted from members of the party.

He added that the party has become a “clone of what the other side used to be. Elitism and gross display of affluence have almost engulfed us and as I stated in 2017, we are still at the crossroads.”

He was speaking at an event to mark the 39th anniversary of the June 4 uprising, and adding that the NDC now resembled an older incarnation of the New Patriotic Party.

“Unfortunately, we have consistently distorted the history of June 4 and 31st December mainly for parochial reasons… a great deal of the distortion of facts concerning the history that eventually gave birth to our party the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has come from our own, from within.”

He noted that over the past 12 years specifically, the June 4 story has been downplayed by persons in the party who have malicious motives.

The former President said “ironically the party was seen as elitist and detached from the grassroots rather associated itself with the grassroots to win the last elections while we chose the elitist route and lost miserably and described the woes of the NDC to be “suicidal.”


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