NDC intoxicated with LGBTQ issues more than their 2020 failed campaign – NPP South Korea

The South Korea Communication Director of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr. Lawrence Agyarko has described the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) as an ‘intoxicated’ lot clandestinely championing for rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, & Intersex Life (LGBTQI+) rights by making it a topical issue in the country, MyNewsGh.com reports.

His comments come at the backdrop of a viral image posted on Facebook by Communication Director of the NDC in the Ashanti region, Abass Nurudeen which captures President Akufo-Addo in a group photo with Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister of Luxembourg and Emmanuel Macron, President of France.

In the viral image as captured by MyNewsGh.com, Abass Nurudeen captions it as “President of Luxembourg (in the middle) with his 1st and 2nd wives?”

Commenting on the issue in a media interview in Kumasi monitored by MyNewsGh.com, Mr. Lawrence Agyarko referred to Abass Nurudeen and the NDC as an ‘intoxicated lot clandestinely championing for the rights of LGBTQI and making sure that it becomes a national topic for discussion but it won’t materialized’.

He continued that “President Akufo-Addo indicated in 2018 that legalization of Homosexuality will not happen under his watch and even gone further to assure parents and Ghanaians that as a Christian, he will not sit down for our school children to be also taught inappropriate homosexual contents in our various schools so basically what’s all the qualms about expecting the President to come out and say something again.

His stance on the issue is clear and that ends the debate. It is only an intoxicated NDC lot who secretly are championing for the decriminalization of the criminal homosexual activities in the country by mentioning the President’s name to make it a national debate and for trends but this evil agenda is already dead.” He stated.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo in an address to congregates of St. Cyprian’s Anglican Church in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region in 2017 debunked submissions by a section of the public that his government is clandestinely introducing foreign practices into the Ghanaian society.

He stated in the address that “There is only one thing I want to say, I think you people have heard within the past days, some discussions have gone on that I and my government want to teach our children somethings that are inappropriate. I brought the Free Senior High School to strengthen the country so that our children will all get the opportunity to learn and through the education, we will all see the progress we want for this country”

“I didn’t bring it for our children to be taught inappropriate contents. So long as I sit on this big seat as the President of this nation, and as a Christian, it will never happen that I will agree for inappropriate things to be taught in our schools so please keep your cool, whatever they are saying has no truth in it”.

The President made similar statements in November of the same year (2017) in an interview on Aljazeera that the issue of same-sex relationships was not on the agenda of the country.

Source: MyNewsGh.com

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