NDC will rise again – Mahama assures

Former President John Dramani Mahama has indicated that the National Democratic Congress would definitely rise again irrespective of storms that has confronted the party.

According to him, the NDC is a resilient party and cannot be “pushed down” and assured members of the party that they would definitely “rises up” again.

The former President made the speaking during the party’s final Unity walk which was held in the Volta Region.

He stated “the NDC is such a resilient party you can never hold us down. The more you push us down, the more we rise again. And so I wish to assure you that the NDC is going to rise again. I wish to assure you that the NDC is rising again.”

The party which was defeated by the New Patriotic Party in the December 2016 polls and has been rocked by confusion and division as to why it lost the elections.

The fact-finding committee as part of its recommendations urged the party to restructure itself and undergo a healing process.

The party in its bid to follow the process, embarked on the Unity Walk session across the country to interact with members.

He added that the ruling NPP has tried to “demonize” the NDC and cannot stand the NDC as an opposition party.

“Everyday, they cook up some story to try and demonize the NDC as a party. This was the same intent in 2000 when they won the election. I remember I was in Parliament, J.H. Mensah said now that they’ve won the election by the time they finish with us, NDC will no longer exist as a party. That has always been the intent of NPP. They cannot stand an opposition and so whatever they do to decimate the opposition they will try to do. But they forget that the NDC is such a resilient party. You can never hold us down. The more you push us down, the more we rise again,” he stated.

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