NDC’s collated figures for Techiman South fabricated – NPP

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) says the National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) collated polling station results for the Techiman South constituency which supposedly gives the party parliamentary victory is fabricated.

The party said the NDC’s consistent claims that its parliamentary candidate won that election is ill-fated.

“Yesterday, the minority in parliament promised to display all 265 pink sheets from the Techiman South Constituency but in the end, they subjected viewers to fabricated images of an excel spreadsheet, not collated sheets of the EC,” NPP election 2020 campaign manager, Peter Mac Manu said at a press conference in Accra on Wednesday [December 23, 2020].

Mr. Mac Manu said the NDC is trying to undermine NPP’s victory by inciting their supporters against the EC.

“It is important to point out to the NDC that after results have been collated and declared, the only option available if they do not agree with the clear and collated results, is to go to the court of competent jurisdiction. But as is obvious to Ghanaians, the NDC is not ready to be put in strict proof, all they want to do is court public disaffection of the EC and by that reduce the legitimacy of NPP’s victory in the eyes of well-meaning Ghanaians.”

“But in their attempt to do so, they have constantly exposed their own lies and reduced their own esteem in the eyes of Ghanaian people. Thus far, NDC has put out several reports as representing what they call true results of Techiman South elections but there cannot be multiple truths so which of the several results represent the true results of the Techiman south Parliamentary election.”

The NDC says the Electoral Commission (EC) failed to collate parliamentary results of the constituency but went ahead to declare the NPP’s parliamentary candidate as winner of the polls.

The NDC has on various occasions indicated its disagreement with the result and has vowed to challenge it.

NDC MPs during a press conference on Tuesday, December 22, on 2020, delivered a presentation that prove its case but the NPP has described it as a sham.

The NPP says its candidate won the elections as have been declared by the Electoral Commission.


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