New movie ‘Wolves In Love’ soon to hit the screens

One of Ghana’s finest movie writers, producer and director of the great Kukesi movie, Lucky Evergreen Erhaze will soon excite movie lovers with his latest, “Wolves In Love.”

Wolves In Love is a true life story of diverse twists and turns that depict the true struggles of life in a more unique artistic prose.

Speaking to Lucky Evergreen Estate in an interview, he said he brought together the best brains in acting for the movie and was confident that movie lovers will be so much excited when the real trailer is released soon.

Giving brief background to the story line of the movie, Wolves In Love, Luck Evergreen said the story is a journey that saw Lazarus a gang leader, who found love in the nest of his arc rival Gang, Black fox.

“His love, Adwoa Sika in trying to mend fences with the decision of her sordid past ripple effects that connects Rama traded her friendship blindly to her best friend, Cess. Interesting Father Mark whose benevolence seek to destroy the very benefactors, also came along with his ‘smile’ which could not be a real smile after all. Amanda Seven and Sleeky Sly have much more going on but will the resurrection of Lazarus bring about peace needed to calm the nerves of all the “wolves” who seem to be in love.”

The movie has great characters who are the finest in the industry and who are top of the viewer choice list.

The cast of the Wolves In Love include Alejandro Peterson Whitecroft, Kweku Frimpong Anderson Kafdvoice, Abena Kyei Boakyei, Isaacs Louise Arthur, Andrew Ray, Paul Acquainted Wilson, Rabin Muskham Supple electric, Vicki’s Zugah and Gertrude Mario.

He said, the movie will soon hit the screens in its full HD trailer.

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