New regions will boost development – Minister

The Deputy Minister for Regional Reorganization, Mr Martin Adjei Korsah is confident that the creation of the new regions will ensure a fair distribution of national resources.

According to him, the six new regions will provide the platform for citizens to get closer to the government which will speed up development in those regions.

Speaking in an interview on Star FM, he said: “By getting government closer to our people, is to better lives and ensure a fair and balanced distribution of the national resources.

“Some people, have lived in a constant bitterness due to the feeling of discrimination, all because they haven’t had a fair share of the national cake. As a result of this, the government is bridging that gap between the people in order to ensure they have their share”.

Managing expectations

Mr Korsah said the government will manage expectations of the citizenry by ensuring that all its developmental promises are fulfilled.

“Already the Government has released a hundred and twenty million Ghana Cedis in its budget for next year, as feed capital for a takeoff and the subsequent necessary investment will follow.” he said.

He added that the government’s commitment to national development is reflected in the amount of money that has been allocated to fund projects.

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