Nigerian Armed Robber Who Digs Tunnels into Homes Falls into the Handcuffs of Dampare’s Men

The handcuffs of the Ghana Police Service led by COP George Akuffo Dampare have once again landed on the wrists of a Nigerian national who is involved in series of armed robbery incidences in the Greater Accra Region and its environs.

This is coming a few days after a taxi driver claimed that he drove some Nigerian Nationals who had weapons to the police station after he suspected abnormal moves around them. This particular criminal is working with a Ghanaian, and they have over the years ransacked the homes of people to steal their belongings. However, their cup was full and this time around their plan failed.

The Nigerian National, Seidu Karim who is twenty-five years old stays at Nima, he parades himself as a scrap dealer but operates an armed robbery gang behind the scenes. His Ghanaians counterpart, forty-five-year-old Richard Narh mostly goes for the operation after they have both planned. Their modus operandi is what baffles most Ghanaians.

Unlike the other armed robbers who have heavy weapons and attack their victims physically, the gang of Karim has digging tools where they are able to find their way into the homes of their victims without a trace. They dig tunnels through the walls of the building and before anyone could realize, they are in the house all ready for operation.

This is a well-calculated plan to rob people because digging and chiseling a walled building takes a long time before results can be achieved. This means that they target locations of the house where it will be difficult to detect their plan. It was through one of such robbery attacks at Oyibi in the Greater Accra Region when someone saw the Ghanaian counterpart digging his way into a house in the area. He had finished digging and made his way through the kitchen of the house and was ready to strike. It was at this point the Police arrived at the scene and grabbed him.

Unfortunately, the Nigerian national was not on duty that day but Richard led the police to his hideout at Nima where he was also arrested. The two are being prepared to face the laws of the country for their crimes. Fortunately, the armed robbery operations failed but their mode of operation is not common in Ghana. From how they are able to dig perfectly into the homes of their victims, shows this is not their first time engaging in the act.

By: Bea Nana

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