Nigerians, Ghana Police to join forces to arrest criminal compatriots

The Nigerian community in Ghana has volunteered to support the Ghana Police Service flash out Nigerian miscreants and criminals from the country.

The group also vowed to point out suspected criminals if possible in a bid to retain the good neighbourliness between Ghana and Nigeria.

The involvement of foreign national, especially Nigerians in criminal activities in Ghana continues to increase at an alarming rate.

Hardly is a crime reported without the mention of Nigerians.

The Nigerians in crimes in the country appears to have reached the crescendo following the spates of kidnappings in the Western and Greater Accra regions, all of which were linked to Nigerians.

Just last week, the police in Accra rescued a high profile Lebanese, who was allegedly kidnapped by some suspected Nigerians, now at large.

At least two Nigerians have so far been arrested, in connection with the kidnappings.

These the Nigerian community in Ghana insist cannot be allowed to continue.

The community maintained the development if not checked could mar the cordial relations between the two countries.

Business and Project Advisor to Nigerian Business Forum Oloye Yemi Fatuyi pledged their readiness to support the police by all means possible.

“We are here to give our support to [Ghana Police Service],” he said.

“We are not professionals like you. We are not police but we can give you information. We can get the information within our communities and give it to you.”

He admitted that the Nigerians who are involved in crime will not be happy with the stance taken by the community but they are resolute to point out the vagabonds even if it will take them revealing the identities of their families back home in Nigeria.

The Acting Accra Regional Police Commander, DCOP Kweku Boadu Peprah, welcomed the move from the well-meaning Nigerians

DCOP Peprah has meanwhile assured of efforts aimed at tracking down those behind the Lebanese’s kidnapping.

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