Nigerians troll actress Oge Okoye for visiting ‘resurrection’ Pastor Lukau

One of the strangest videos you’d see on social media today is that of Oge Okoye in tears as she visits controversial South African pastor, Alph Lukau of Alleluia Ministries International.

In the video which was shared on Daddy Freeze’s Instagram page on Thursday March 28,2019, and has now gone viral, Oge Okoye is seen weeping as she gets a prophecy from the controversial man of God. Alph Lukau in the video tells the Nollywood actress that there are certain people they need to pray against from her life;

“I am speaking acceleration…somebody gat to help you because there are some people we gat to root out because they do not want you to become a media story, do you understand. I just don’t want media story. There are some people that we need to kick out then they will know that you came to see Alph Lukau,” he said.

The South African pastor then goes on to prophesy on Oge Okoye’s daughter who accompanied her to the church.

Pulse reached out to Oge Okoye for her comments on the viral video and we are yet to get a response.

Since the video hit the Internet, there have been several reactions from people and as usual, one celebrity who has a thing for calling out pastors, Daddy Freeze couldn’t hide his thoughts. This time around, the On-Air personality not only called the video, staged but also kicked off the ‘Oge Okoye Challenge’ where he asked fans to reenact the video and get a chance to win a prize.

Alph Luka finals gets a real actor as Oge Okoye visited him. Alph is the same pastor responsible for Elliot’s resurrection. The Oge OKOYE Challenge starts tomorrow from 10am! Another 100k is up for grabs! 5 people, will each receive 20k for acting the best Oge Okoye and Alph Lukau scene,” he wrote.

Just in case you don’t know who Alpha Lukau is, he is the same pastor who broke the Internet a few weeks ago when he reportedly resurrected a dead man.

According to South African Times, Pastor Alph Lukau of Alleluia Ministries brought an unnamed alleged dead man back to life during a church service on Sunday, February 24, 2019 – videos from the service have since gone viral on social media and the larger internet.

During the service, the man’s body was brought forward in a coffin. Pastor Lukau then laid his hands on the coffin, lo and behold, the dead man, named Elliott woke up. As matters began circulating, his Landlord reportedly told Lukau that Elliott got sick and started coughing on Friday.

She said, “That is where he died in my hands.” Since Sunday, when the news dropped, social media has been swelled with tales and theories.


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