‘No road, no campaigning’ in Tatale – Angry youth warn gov’t

The youth of the Tatale District in the Northern Region are up against the authorities over the deplorable nature of their roads.

They said in a statement that it is “extremely disheartening and disappointing to have a full district with this deplorable state of the road even”, adding: “Not a kilometre or a pothole has been patched in the district with gravel”.

“In fact, if attention is not given to this deplorable state of the Tatale-Yendi road, it might be catastrophic. In order to prevent any future calamity, we, the people of TATALE/SANGULI district, are calling on the government to come to our aid by doing something on this road, for our lives are so dear to us,” the statement said.

The youth further indicated that Tatale/Sanguli is a food basket community for the whole nation.

In a year, they said, thousands of tonnes of yam are produced in Tatale/Sanguli and interestingly, Tatale/Sanguli yam is one of the sweetest that can ever be found in the whole nation.es due to the “sorry” nature of the road, a situation, which they noted, leads to post harvest losses as well as lives on a daily basis.

Due to the bad nature of the road, our ambulance finds it difficult to transport emergency cases to Zabzugu, which is a just a few kilometres away from Tatale and Yendi.

“On 22/11/2018, the Tatale-Yendi road, which is even an international road, was included in the nation’s budget as one of the roads to be constructed in 2019. Since then, not even a heap of gravel has been dumped on the road. Government goes, government comes, yet, our road is still the same. From the Tatale border to the Togo border is a stone’s throw and yet, theirs is tarred even though Tatale border generates revenue every day to the state’s coffers. Yet, the road is in this deplorable state. Aba! Mr President, don’t we deserve a share of our national cake? Now, the question is: Is Tatale/Sa

However, they bemoaned that farmers find it “extremely difficult” to transport these yam and other food crops such as beans, millet, guinea corn, rice, and maize to the market centrnguli District part of Ghana? What is our share of the national cake? Is there any common fund allocation for Tatale/Sanguli as it is in other district? If yes, what have they been using it for?”

“We are giving the government a two-month ultimatum from today, 11/0 6/2020 to 11/08/2020. If nothing is done on our road, then no politician should ever step here for campaigns in the district.”

Source: ClassFMonline.com

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