Non-Ghanaians eligible to pick NPP nomination forms

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has said it will not prevent anyone, including foreigners, who wish to pick nomination forms and contest the party’s upcoming parliamentary elections slated for April 25.

General Secretary of the party John Boadu in a press conference last week warned party executives have no power at the point of forms purchase to make a determination on who qualifies.

“No aspiring parliamentary candidate shall be denied access to purchase of nomination form. At the point of purchase of nomination form is not the point for vetting so you have no reason whatsoever, so if the person is even a non-Ghanaian and wants to buy your parliamentary forms, just sell.”

“You have no reason to determine whether the person is a Ghanaian, whether the person is an NPP person, whether the person is not, so you just sell the forms that’s all,” he said.

His comments come on the back of complaints by some potential aspirants that they are being denied the opportunity to buy forms.

This, John Boadu said, is a conduct that should be formally brought to the party’s attention through appeals to the regional executive and to the national executives, if need be.

He noted that the purchase of nomination forms per se is not an end but “there are other processes that will determine whether the person is qualified or not”.


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