Not every politician is corrupt – Kofi Akpalo

Founder and Leader of the Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG), Kofi Akpaloo has indicated that not every individual into Politics is corrupt despite the notion Ghanaians have about people in government.

Kofi Akpaloo who aspires to be President of Ghana one day in an interview with Omega Live Tv in UK stressed that it is true corruption is high amongst politicians but the true fact of the matter is that not every politician is entangled in the act.

“People like to label every Politician as corrupt but that is not the case. Whether NPP or NDC people like to think that as far as the person into politics then it means the person is a thief. That’s not true”, the formal Presidential candidate said.

Corruption has been the bane of Ghana and almost every African country and many believe the disease must be cured if we are to develop and move forward as a country. Often times it is our politicians who are on the receiving end of corruption allegations and there have been several calls to prosecute those people who work in government.

Almost every presidential aspirants cites in his manifesto that they will be tackling the rot when they are voted into power. However people believe our leaders have not done enough as far as tackling corruption is concerned.

Mr. Akpaloo insists a leader should be able to do something even in the midst of constant corruption allegations.

He shares the view that corruption is all over the world and for a government to succeed they should not focus all attention on tackling the canker but implement policies that will turn things around and help the progress of the country.

The leader of the Liberal Party of Ghana is looking forward to contesting in the 2020 general elections and is pushing for Ghanaians all over the world to put their confidence in him and vote for him when the time comes.

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