NPP Bootlicker Samini Joins Hopeson Adorye to Heap Insults On Jonas in America – Video

Ghanaian Dancehall grandpapa, Samini, has joined the likes of NPP’s Hopeson Adorye, and the other bigwigs in the party to bash Twene Jonas who is noted for calling out the ills and failures of our leaders.

It is believed that Samini has been paid by some NPP chieftains to do damage control to Twene Jonas.

The dancehall musician who is currently in the states has dropped a video of himself at the airport after he saw a mouse.

According to him, Twene Jonas should share videos of the dirty areas of America rather than always showing the rich areas just to make ignorant folks believe that America is without faults.

He also called out Twene Jonas for always exaggerating the things he sees and reports which he knows they are to purposely make Ghanaians angry at their leaders.

Pressing on with his attack on Twene Jonas, Samini also advised Ghanaians not to listen to the terrible lies of Twene Jonas because it is a planned agenda just to make the NPP party unpopular.

Ghanaians who have come across these comments from Samini have severely scolded him for behaving like a toddler.

According to them, seeing a mouse at the airport has nothing to do with the progress of a country so he should come back again with something meaningful and sensible.

Source: Ghanacelebrities.com

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