NPP contractors disappointing Akufo-Addo – Banda MP

Member of Parliament for Banda Constituency in the Bono Region, Ahmed Ibrahim says the contractors who are aligned to the New Patriotic Party (NPP) are the ones disappointing President Akufo-Addo.

Mr Ibrahim visited most communities in the Banda Constituency which has been cut off following heavy rains in the area.

Communities that been affected include Menji- Bui, Banda Wewa and Banda Boase Junction.

He bemoaned the poor state of the roads and said the party contractors are the ones disappointing President Akufo-Addo.

“The party contractors of Nana Addo’s Administration are the very people who are disappointing the President. I am saying this because the contract of the road from Banda Boasa, Banda Biama to Nsawkaw was awarded to the former National Organiser of the NPP who is Alhaji Moctar Bamba. He comes from this place. If the President has done his part in awarding a contract to you as a party, what do you think you have to do to support?” he asked.

“It is a matter of doing a good job and making sure that you execute the work in such a way that the people of Banda Boase and Banda Biama would be happy about the administration of the NPP. There is not a single tipper truck on the road, not a single bridge or culvert has been constructed, and the road is worse than it is used to be.”

Mr Ibrahim who is an NDC member said he is not worried that the contract was given to a NPP member but he is worried at the pace of work.

Ahmed Ibrahim also indicated that people from communities that have been cut off cannot come to Nsawkaw to access healthcare.

He noted that he will find means and ways to ensure that the road is constructed.

“I am going to trigger a question in Parliament to summon the Minister to appear before us and explain why the contractor has abandoned the project. Farmers cannot cart their foodstuffs to the market centers. If he had not gone for the contract this would have been given to a better contractor like Alhaji PMC, J. Adom, and Dynamic Stars. These are people who have been constructing our roads,” he said.

Mr Ibrahim said if the contractor does not resume work on the road he would call for the termination of the contract and have it awarded to a better contractor.

Source: primenewsghana.com

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