NPP deceived Ghanaians – Former Kasena- Nankana DCE

Former District Chief Executive (DCE) for the Kasena- Nankana Municipal Assembly, Emmanuel Andema, has said the New Patriotic Party (NPP) lied its way to power with a plethora of unrealistic promises.

According to Mr. Andema, most of the promises the governing party made prior to the 2016 general elections are empty, unachievable and were deliberately used to deceive the electorates to get votes to help satisfy their hunger for political power.

“You make promises to Ghanaians telling them you will fulfill them but in reality, you deceived them for their votes. It is deceit because the promises are not fulfilled and those they attempted to deliver are not properly done. You tell the people you will give them dams and later come and dig shallow wells and dugouts. Is that what you promised? Why should you deceive the people when you can’t deliver such promises?” He asked.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with our reporter in Navrongo on Sunday, the former DCE said the lies of the NPP have caught up with them and that is why government is struggling to implement even half of the numerous promises made.

He continued that the unrealistic nature of the promises would make it impossible for the Akufo Addo led administration to deliver even if given forever to implement them.

“They said there was money in Ghana and that we didn’t need to borrow. So why then haven’t they done or achieved much. See how the economy is bad and people suffering. Prices of goods are on the high. The truth is, even if the NPP is given the whole times in the world to deliver, they won’t be able to implement half of their many promises to better the lives of Ghanaians”.

He expressed sadness at how Ghanaians allowed themselves to be cajoled by the empty promises of the NPP and appealed to them to reject such promises in 2020 and vote for the NDC which will offer life changing interventions and social policies.


Mr. Andema heavily criticized government for turning a blind eye to the sudden surge of insecurity in the country in recent times. He noted that security under John Mahama’s tenure was better than it is now.
Citing the recent incidents of kidnapping cases in the country, Mr. Andema, who is now the Upper East Regional secretary of the Seed Producers Association of Ghana, blamed government for failing to prioritize the wellbeing of citizens.

“Security is key to the development of a nation. But the security situation in this country, in fact, is not the best. We hear kidnappings here and there. Your children go to school and you are afraid they may not return. During John Mahama’s time security was tight. You could roam at night and sleep by the road and you will still be fine. But that cannot be said same with this current administration”.


On agriculture, Mr. Andema commended government for subsiding fertilizer to help boost crop yield. He however expressed his disappointment in government’s inability to control the smuggling of fertilizer and other agro chemical inputs meant for its flagship Planting for Food and Jobs Policy (PFJP), out to neighbouring countries.

He said unlike the current government, their administration took a special interest in Agriculture and invested hugely in the procurement of tractors, fertilizers and seeds to support farmers, especially in rural Ghana.

Their investment, he added, resulted in great crop yield that in turn reflected in the livelihoods of the Ghanaian farming population.

“They are doing well with their planting for food and jobs policy in a way. But there are challenges, especially, with how farmers from rural areas are unable to access these fertilizers. The government has failed in ensuring that the fertilizers and other stuff are not stolen or smuggled out of the country. They have failed there because we hear reports of how the fertilizer is stolen and smuggled every day.

The smuggling is a big problem but the NDC was able to control it. We were able to buy more tractors and fixed the old ones and gave them out to the farmers”. He touted.

NDC Navrongo Central Parliamentary Primaries Race

After stepping down severally for Mark Woyongo since 2008, coupled with calls from party grassroots to contest the Navrongo Central Constituency Parliamentary primaries, Mr. Andema has made his intention to join the hot race known.

Serving from an Assembly Member, Assemblyman and as a District Chief Executive, Mr. Andema says he has the experience and what it takes to lead the constituency umbrella family to wrestling the parliamentary seat from the NPP.

Thanking the hierarchy of the NDC and late Former President Atta Mills for making him serve his people as DCE, Mr. Andema wants delegates to entrust their votes in him when the primaries are held.

He called for a united National Democratic Congress (NDC) for a resounding victory in the 2020 poll.

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